We offer several options to get your project through the build phase: design-build, construction management, and construction only services. No matter which fits your needs, our goal is to get you the greatest value for your dollar spent. With the addition of our communication methods and warranty period, you can feel comfortable knowing the most challenging portions of your project are in the capable hands of the Puetz Design + Build Team. All you have to do is pay attention to running your business and enjoying your life.


The design-build method of completing a project integrates design and construction from beginning to end, simplifying the entire process. It’s the most efficient way to get your building completed. Projects are more successful and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Why does this method work so well?

One of the most challenging things about all building projects is matching up your needs and wants with your budget. Since design and build are integrated from the beginning, we are constantly doing estimates alongside the design work rather than after it’s complete. This will nearly eliminate surprises later on. And if there is a surprise, we’re able to address it efficiently as one company and get things back on track fast. The design-build method means we can meet your budget, simplify the process, anticipate challenges, and you only have one point of communication all through the project. We’re responsible for everything, and we stand behind our work, including our design work. Quality is our focus and guarantee to you.

Construction Management

As construction manager, we not only estimate costs but also recommend building alternatives that minimize costs, increase durability, or decrease installation time. These are important considerations that help improve the construction schedule and overall project value.

In this role, we also oversee all contractors involved in the construction project. One of our experienced superintendents is supervising the performance of contractors every day to ensure expected completion dates and high-quality standards are met or exceeded. You never have to wonder how things are progressing. We’ll keep you up to date as we work and keep a constant eye on the quality you deserve in the finished product.

The most important job we have as construction manager is to provide single-source accountability for the construction process. You deal with only one contract with us rather than taking on the risk of multiple contractors and multiple contracts. This way you don’t get pulled into the daily communication and coordination needed for project success. We take care of everything a project demands.


During construction, creative and proactive problem solving positively impacts the project and helps save you money. We have experienced team members using process and management tools that solve problems well in advance of critical schedule related items. If a problem does arise, we use the proper protocol and method to work through the process and solve the problem.

We also include these important aspects in the construction process:

  • Quality and safety driven project managers, superintendents and craftsmen
  • Project control systems to monitor all aspects of the construction process
  • Computerized scheduling
  • Weekly cost analysis
  • Time-efficient delivery

Crane Services

  • Three crane options to meet your lift requirements: 110-ton Link-Belt, 75-ton Link-Belt, and 45-ton Grove.
  • 110-ton Link-Belt
  • 75-ton Link Belt
    • 8675 telescopic truck crane
    • 127-foot boom
    • 64-foot jib
    • Certified crane operators
    • Contact Clayton Dean at 605-996-2276 
  • 45-ton Grove

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